Custom Report Design-Data Visualization

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Custom Report Design/Data Visualization
We are nationally known for teasing data out of your systems for reports  where others could not. We can save you countless hours of report generation per month. We develop reports that are easy to read, easy to refresh and are integrated with your financial systems. We specialize in Sales metrics, job costing, Inventory and financial reports. We provide reports that consolidate many QuickBooks files. We will work with you to determine what metrics drive your business and provide you easy to read data visualizations that measure them.
We have the expertise to create custom reports that will automatically gather the information you need from QuickBooks and put it into your specific report format. Instead of spending countless hours every week or every month building reports, tell us what you need. Then we will reduce hours of tedious work into several mouse clicks.

While, we use various tools to get the results that best suits your needs, we find most of our clients are comfortable with Excel and we are trained to use its features to quickly adapt to changing needs. We also have extensive dashboard design experience with business intelligence applications.
Lets talk about your reporting needs!

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