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is dedicated to providing service to businesses desiring to better integrate their data systems and more clearly understand their financial operations. Our goal is to help you get the information that is most important presented with optimal clarity so that you can focus on your business instead of decoding incomprehensible reports or wasting time with poorly designed systems.

About Fran

FranFran has a degree in Accounting, MBA and is a highly skilled technician. This unique blend of skills allows her to design solutions that work.  Clients come to her when no one else can offer a solution.  In each of the tools supported by , she is trained and certified.  Fran has worked with both small and large clients. She has been an instrumental team player in large scale software conversions. She draws upon  her varied experience to give your project the best of breed designs and attention.

Fran is has organized two user groups, one for Solution Providers of MethodCRM and the other for QuickBooks Consultants in the San Francisco Bay Area.
When not working, Fran enjoys playing with her dogs, riding bikes with her husband, Larry. Fran and Larry are deeply involved with a local Drug/Alcohol Recovery programs in the SF BayArea,helping support those in recovery through music.

About Larry

LarryLarry Reed has over 35 years of professional experience in software development in a wide variety of fields, including web development, user interface design, and financial applications programming.
Larry has experience building websites and custom user interfaces, and Larry is a team member at SurveyMonkey and provides technical advice to . Larry is a gifted keyboardist and when not working is always looking for opportunities to play.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Michael Wald

    Hello. I found you through the Method Partners website. We have customized Method and are using it exclusively to run operations. We are a wellness management company. We are looking to hire someone 10-20 hours a week to run our billing/payroll.

    Thank you.
    -Michael Wald
    203 557 9091


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